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Web design for the Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY area's businesses, churches, and non-profits.

With 8 years of web design experience, our websites have been featured on,, and among others. Don't wait for a quote, click below for instant affordable prices to match any project budget.

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Churches / Non-Profits

- All year long we exclusively offer a hefty 25% discount on all services for churches and non-profit organizations. Sound too good to be true? We understand the smaller budgets of these groups and want to do our part in making sure everyone can keep up with the best advertisment available: a quality website.

Social Media Management


Social Media Management

- Too busy to mess with Twitter and Facebook? River Cities Media is now the first and only web design agency in the area to offer complete social media management. For a very competitive monthly rate, we can make daily status updates and tweets to keep your business connected. Click here for more.


The numbers from our clients tell the real story:

  • 250,000 Monthly Visitors
  • 15,000 Facebook "Likes"
  • 75,000 Twitter Followers
  • 300,000 Video Views
  • 100% Proven Profitable

*All stats are rounded down and make up our client total.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

1. Your Competition is Online

When your potential clients search Google for a company to do business with, will they find you or your competition? Chances are most of your competitors already have an online presence. That means they are undisputedly stealing your sales right from under you. Facebook may be a start, but do you want to settle with "good enough"? No matter how great your service is, if you aren't part of the game, you can't win.

2. The #1 Advertising Method

In today's society, the go-to source for your customer's interest is your website. So why is your advertising budget prioritizing dying media such as newspapers, radio, and even TV over a quality website? Rather than running for one day or week to a limited audience, your website is here to stay and at a fraction of the upkeep cost of the outdated methods.

3. Customer Service 24/7

Websites are always open. A potential customer wanting more information on your business can't call on the weekend, he doesn't look for your business card, he doesn't remember your print ad, but he DOES search for your website. Even if he has to use your site's contact form to find his answer, the fact that his inquiry has been submitted is more satisfying to him than waiting for 9AM Monday morning.

4. Direct Sales

Lots of businesses deal with merchandise that can be sold directly online. That means you and your employees can focus on the brick and mortar side of things while making additional sales with no effort. Online sales could even outearn in-store sales. PayPal also allows you to receive your revenue via direct deposit so all you have to do is prepare the merchandise for shipping and reap the rewards.

5. Branding and Customer Confidence

Your customers assume you have a website. If you don't, they're disappointed by having to find another less convenient way to learn about your business and their confidence drops. You weren't there for them and have already let them down before you knew they even existed. Earn their trust by pursuing their satisfaction in advance.

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